Totally Biased Fan Review: Brent Larkham and The Crosby Sisters – Homespun: a fine collection of classic tunes.


Not strictly a country album, this collection of songs from my teenage years in Tamworth are reflected by this lot who probably weren’t quite teenagers when the songs came out originally. The Crosby Sisters have always been known in Tamworth for their great harmonies and for continuing to encourage and mentor young artists and not so young artists in the Tamworth area. On Sunday, the gals were doing bvs for Brett Clarke.

They made a recording with Brent of the Chris Norman/Suzie Quatro song, Stumblin’ In, together with a video and it was so popular that they were encouraged by fans and Grant Goldman to head for the studio and record some more tracks.

I used to sing Billy don’t be a hero around the farm when I was a kid. Well, I didn’t quite sing it like these guys or Paper Lace. They do a great job of this song which was actually quite controversial at the time.

Air Supply’s Lost in Love had to be in this collection, it fits nicely with the other songs.

As Tears Go By is an interesting choice. The Rolling Stones sang a lot of great ballads, though most people would probably know them more for their rock n roll epics. I think that this song gets the best treatment on the album.

Lay Back In The Arms – back to Chris Norman but this time with his Smokie band mates. The Crosby Sisters and Brent sound great with Smokie based tunes. Brent and Chris have similar voices.

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves – Cher ruled this song, I remember watching her show with Sonny when I was a kid and grooving along to this number and that other well known S and C song! I wasn’t quite a teenager then. Great job.

In My Life – One of my favourite songs of all time. Interesting with the mandolin. Many versions have been done of this Beatles classic, and they are all different and good.

Go Your Own Way – If you didn’t have the album “Rumors” (Rumours in Australian), when I was at Tamworth High, you were considered an outcast. I bought it when I got my first TAFE cheque, but I did record songs off the radio, which is what you did in those days. The girls and Brent combine beautifully on this absolute Fleetwood Mac classic.

Seven Bridges Road (Live) – I went to a multi-award winning Eagles tribute band show recently, who are damn near like the real thing. I asked them why they didn’t sing Seven Bridges Road. They said that they had a new guy in the band and that the song was too hard for him to sing just yet. Well done folks for doing an excellent job of it.

I have followed The Crosby Sisters for many years, but I have only just officially met them, recently. Their song, “Trouble in the Fields” is still one of my favourite songs of all time. Dad and I saw the Landline clip years ago and got goosebumps on our goosebumps.

They have the most beautiful voices and they harmonise so well with each other and Brent. Thanks for bringing back some childhood/teenagehood memories.


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