Totally Biased Fan Review: Boneshaker – Catherine Britt



From the title of this long awaited album from one of Australia’s finest country music artists, you get the feeling that you are about to feel the effects of an earthquake. The ground certainly has shifted and a few walls have tumbled down. Catherine’s last album was a compilation,  2cds of her greatest hits, titled Hillbilly Pickin’ Rambling Girl. I think that was a sign. Compilation part 1 marking the end of one world and the entry into another.  The title track, which we hear first, certainly does shake things up a bit. There is not much torch and twang in this song. As things change in her personal life, so they change in Catherine’s new musical venture.

Good to Bad settles things down a bit, but still not quite what we are used to. She borrows a line or two from a classic song here, I won’t give it away.

Happier Day is a duet with Felicity, a very happy little ditty and their voices are very much in tune with each others. This will be a crowd pleaser.

Nice Girl – A bluesy, guitar filled, catchy song.

Take It Easy – Not the classic Eagles song, though more the Catherine that we know.  Probably my favourite on the album.  Easy on the ears, nice and slow and a good story. Catherine’s beautiful vocals at their best.

When You’re Ready – Toe tapping, hand clapping, Yee Ha!  No mistaking this one for a country song!

We’re All Waiting – Love the big “orchestral sound”. This song has elements of traditional Catherine with something new there….this is a BIG song.  It has a huge sound.

The Way that it goes – Song with a message, listen carefully, the roles that we have in life….sometimes.  The way that it is, doesn’t mean that is the way that it should be.

Working Class Man – Not to be confused with  Jimmy Barnes’ classic song, has the feel of a Rodney Crowell song, for some reason. Song about opposites that seem to fit. Has a haunting melody.

Let your hair down – bluesy, swamp music, powerful vocals, think this will get them up on their feet at a gig for sure.

You and Me against the world with Steve Earle – world class duet.  Their voices blend well together. Again, an original song, not the Helen Reddy song! My kind of song.

This is certainly a change of pace for Catherine Britt. I have all of her albums and I have my favourites.  We all must change at some point, try new things, push the envelope.  There are songs on here that will be nominated for Golden Guitars in January, and there will be ones that people will second guess, thinking that this is not the Catherine that we know. Sure, it is different, different isn’t always a bad thing!  I have played it four or five times already and I can tell you that it is an album that requires a few listens, mainly to get used to the changes and the shift in gears.

Catherine will always produce quality albums. For purists, not every track will be your cup of tea, but have a sip or two, or even a gulp and it will grow on you.

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