Totally Biased Fan Review: Heartbeat by Jasmine Rae


I have been really looking forward to this album. I had the best surprise of my review life when I bought Jasmine’s last album. It was amazing. I did a full confession on that review, so this one had a lot to live up to! Jasmine has the biggest voice and it can go so many places.

Everybody Wants to take my money….A big soul bluesy number to start things off.

Heartbeat: Title song A powerful message and a bold and big song.

When I found you: I am not going to pull any punches here….most people know that I am a ballad girl, and I am more than biased when it comes to these sorts of songs. She nails it, belts it out of the ballpark, brilliant! Number 1 calls…..quick release!

Don’t I wish it was: Foot tapping, head wobbling, shoulder shifting, hum along song. Very catchy, very cool.

This is who I am in love: Jasmine likes to belt out a song and I can almost see the video of her doing so with this one. Up tempo, wild country rock song.

Hold my hand: This is a song that I can imagine Reba or Trisha singing. When one can imagine that, you know that you are on to a winner. Love this song…..and the singer delivers. I think that this will stick with me….one for my shower songs collection….country as cows getting into the house paddock.

Zombie love: I never thought that I would be reviewing a country song called Zombie Love. The title conjures up a lot of images and ideas. It makes sense when you listen to it….don’t be afraid.

Eggs in a Basket: Yee Haa! Get up on the dance floor and jig…..Jasmine style. This will be a crowd pleaser.

Lose you all over again: Another one that Reba or Trisha could sing….beautiful song. This is a great song, and Jasmine sings it with gusto. Another no. 1!

Quit this time (with Adam Brand): Love the guitar work in this song, very cool. Fabulous duet, bluesy country at its best.

We don’t know any other way: A nice boppy fun song, a great companion piece to a Corky song and a Catherine Britt song. Cool.

Fly Away: There are lots of songs called Fly Away, this is another one, not to be confused with the others, but it seems to bring luck to songs, because they are all great. A wonderful song to end an album with. Inspirational song, powerful and thoughtful.

Jasmine Rae is a huge talent with an amazingly huge and wonderful voice. This album has something for everybody. If you don’t like something on this album, then you are very hard to please.  I love it all.  I am not easily pleased, I just have great taste.


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