Totally Biased Fan Review: ICAN Cruise: Paul Costa, Aleyce Simmonds and special guest compere, Amber Lawrence, Sydney Harbour, Saturday, 23rd May.

091 086 aleyceamber Simon Pauldrummer Brad 099 More dance moves from Paul

Paul Costa is the best “nice guy” of Australian Country Music, even though he sings a song about being a “bad boy”. His music varies from traditional country music to country rock. He knows how to have fun and he knows how to please an audience. With a band comprising of Simon Johnson, Brad Bergen and Paul Bain (Georgia Fall), three of the best in the business and duets with Aleyce and Amber, it was going to be a great cruise.

Surprise compere, Amber Lawrence, was the cherry on the top of a great cake. Aleyce kicked off proceedings by singing some of her best songs and a couple of classics. Even though she was still feeling the effects of losing her voice, she still sang better than most people dream about singing.

It is always cool to see my country music daughters.

Paul got up on the dance floor with us all and even did some air guitar duets with some of us. My air guitar was severely out of tune.

Paul sang a range of his hits and also sang some other popular songs. We all danced, sang along and had a rockin’ good cruise. Four hours on Sydney Harbour on a surprisingly nice day (it was supposed to rain) with good food, good company and great music is always a wonderful thing. When you have quality musos like Paul, Aleyce, Amber and the boys, it is even better.

Thanks to Nat for arranging it all.

The next one is in August with Travis List and Roo Arcus.  Do yourself a favour.



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