Totally Biased Fan Review: Time is Now – Rose Carleo



Better late than never, I picked up a copy of Rose Carleo’s latest album at the Songwriters’ gig last night at Petersham Bowling Club. Rose’s album, Life Gets In The Way was one of the first albums that I officially reviewed. I loved that album. She said last night that after that album, she became disillusioned with the music industry….or words to that effect.  She felt like giving up. I am glad that she didn’t. This album is much different to Life Gets in the Way, but it is still a corker. If I had known how she had felt, I would have given her a good talking to.  In the words of Paul McCartney and John Lennon: “And in the End, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Share the love, the music with the fans who respect and admire you and be true to yourself. The media and the record companies don’t always know what is right.

This album is more Rocktry and Soultry and a little bit of Bluestry. In Country terms, Rose has always been more Bonnie Raitt than Dolly Parton, and you could be forgiven if you thought that she sung like Bob Seger’s little sister, because she does, and that is probably one of the biggest compliments that I could give her.

With help from her partner, Mick Adkins and one of the best songwriters in the country, Drew McAlister, and a few other co-writers, Rose has put together a rocking good album.

Ten Years is the result of a school reunion that she didn’t go to and the wondering that comes with it. Good kickstart to the album.

Time is Now, the title track is more Angels or Cold Chisel than the Eagles, a big rock number, one to get you up on the dance floor and it complements the first track.

Don’t Play me for a fool  – co-written with Casey Watt, this is a gutsy, rocky song that will shake the rafters.

Anchor – This has Drew written all over it. One of my favourites on the album, and the style, as far as I am concerned, that Rose does best, better than most. Gotta love that line, I’m not an anchor, I’m a sail.

Take a Stand – Almost mild punktry!  Country head banging? Very cool and Rose at her feisty, fist in the air best. I danced around the flat with this one. Guitar awesome.

Knock Me Down – Bonnie Raitt firing up inside Rose here for sure….may be a touch of W. Judd too. Rockin’ it out. Music therapy.

Between the Rock and The Roll – Wild guitar on this one…..AC/DC eat your heart out…..this would get the dust off the hat.

Pieces – Rose played this last night at the gig that I went to, and I loved it from the first note. Absolutely my favourite track on the album. Catchy, very hummable and a happy, positive, cool song.  A gem.

Keep on Rollin’ – Bob Seger’s little sister appears again….onwards and upwards.

Down ‘n’ Dirty – Good way to finish the album – rock n roll party on……

Lyn (from Dear Orphans) commented on Rose’s “big set of lungs”. She certainly can belt out a song. This album is not pure country, though it does have some elements of what country music is about…every song is a story, they are all personal. Country is many things these days. The purists may categorise things differently, but to me, good music is good music.

This is a positive, powerful album, with a message or two and it is well produced. Don’t ever give up, Rose.  We won’t let you. By the way, it is you, who rocks, Rose, I just write about it and I listen to it, always will.


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