Totally Biased Fan Review: Hearts on Fire – Jetty Road


Jetty Road are one of the most popular country music bands in Australia. This album, their fifth, was recorded in Canada. The band comprises twin sisters: Paula and Lee Bowman and Julian Sammut. It is still hard to see an album cover of theirs and see three and not four, but that is the way that it goes. I guess you get used to a certain image and it is hard to let go. Jetty Road are a rarity in Australian Country Music. There are not many country bands who last, here. They have a run of success and then you never hear from them again or the lead singer goes off and has a career of his/her own. I guess an exception would be The McClymonts, who have to stay together, like the twins, they are sisters!  Their appeal is very similar, they mix it up too, and they have an ability to reach a wide audience.

Jetty Road’s strength is that they mix it up. They have songs like I turn to you, Keep Holding On and Don’t Start a war, I will stay with you tonight (on this album), which are beautiful ballads, or power ballads with a message, which appeal to the likes of me and the more rocky, poppy songs like the title track , A little bit of something, What we did last night that are more for the young folk.

Their other strength is the beautiful harmonies of the girls, they have fabulous voices which just blend together so beautifully. Having said that, my favourite song on the album is I will stay with you tonight, which features the male member of the band!

Goodbye June is different again, a boppy, happy country tune to finish things off.

People who don’t usually listen to country music could happily bop or listen along to this album. It is very easy to listen to. The songs are either catchy or thoughtful or both.

I would like to them to release Keep Holding On as a single. It is a brilliant song.

There is something to please everyone here, give it a go.



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