Totally Biased Fan’s Review: The Traveling Kind – Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell



*In Australia we would call it the travelling kind!


There is a line in “Sleepless in Seattle”, which is repeated throughout the movie to accentuate the point. It goes something like: “I just touched her hand and I knew: magic.” For all intents and purposes this is what that describes, magic, pure magic.

If the younguns out there want to know what country music is…..then here are she be. No bulldust, no skirting around the edges, this is pure country. Two legends in country music, one mainly for his writing, one mainly for her golden tonsils, blend and become that word: magic.

I think that I am just going to put this on my player for the next week and not put anything else on. It is heaven on a stick.

Most of the tracks were written by Crowell with a hand in them by Emmylou. Some additions include The Nields quirky If you lived here, you’d be home by now and Lucinda Williams smash hit, I just wanted to see you so bad.

It is hard to pick favourites, because every track is just so damn good. From the title track to the wonderful Emmylou dominated Higher Mountains and the excellent You Can’t Say We didn’t try to the rockabilly The Weight of the World to the traditional sounding Just Pleasing You, with its simple chords and honesty, this album is a treasure.

Bring it on home to Memphis has Elvis in the back pocket and Chet Atkins in the fingers. Hell yeah.

If pushed, I would probably say that No Memories Hanging Round would be my favourite but you could throw a blanket over the lot of them, because each song is wonderful and different and they all appeal to this down home country girl.

They end the album with a fun little French song, planted deep in the heart of New Orleans, I’m sure.

It is a no brainer that when Genius works with Genius that you are going to end up with Genius. This is not just a country album, it is a work of art, it is quite simply….magic.

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