Send her Victorians


I have always had a bias towards Victoria and Victorians, but never more so in the current crop of remarkable country music artists who either move from other places to Victoria or who are born and bred there.

Nia Robertson, Doug and the Tailgaters,Cathy Dobson, The Davidson Brothers, Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes, Gretta Ziller, The Weeping Willows, Chris Lee, Craig-Lee Smith, Paul Costa, Don Costa, Carter and Carter, Tracy Killeen, Tamara Stewart, Anthony Taylor, Gary Hammond, Luke Austen, Ian Bidge Boyd, Aleyce Simmonds (she has moved there now) and many more.

A certain high profile Alternative country/Americana country music artist said to me last year, “there are plenty of great artists down here, but not many places for them to perform.” The Hallam has now re-opened and other places are starting to recognise the wonderful talents of alt. country and other country musos.

The flood of Victorian fans to Tamworth each year…..both fans and artists, should alert people to the fact that Victoria have some wonderful talent.

Victoria have a stronghold on country music now, in all of its forms, and it should be encouraged and supported. Go Victoria, send us victorious, happy and glorious!  Individual biographies soon!



One thought on “Send her Victorians

  1. I’m truly honored to have been mentioned amoung such talented artists .
    Victoria is a beautiful place to live with so much to offer.
    It’s always wonderful to be remembered for the good we do, and this year is going to be great for Victorian artists 🙂


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