Send Us Victorians – Part 2 ( A series on the great talents from and residing in Australia’s most fabulous state) – Lachlan Bryan, with and without the Wildes

Lachlanatdjangobar Black Coffee, the album and the song did a lot for Lachlan Bryan and the Wildes. Truth be known, they were around for a while before then, but it was this music that turned the corner. Grabbing a Golden Guitar has helped. Exposure overseas has helped, mixing it with other fab artists like The Weeping Willows, Aleyce Simmonds, Gretta Ziller and many others. When Lachlan previously sang Lily of the Fields and Whistle and Waltz (with Kasey Chambers) two of my favourites, he was making some headway. These songs earned him some recognition from the critics and a cult group of fans (which included me). The powers that be were taking notice but the exposure was not there until Black Coffee. Lachlan Bryan, with and without his Wildes, is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in this country in any genre. He often reminds me of Shane Nicholson and Paul Kelly. His songs have the same dark side, funny side, think about it for a while feeling. He is the master of the murder ballad. It is a shame that he didn’t get to write with Johnny Cash, I could imagine them singing something together. Lachlan’s songs like Secret I’ll take to the grave, Ballad of a Young married man, If I’ve done you wrong, You, me and the blues, Change in the wind and of course, Black Coffee, together with the song that he sings with Aleyce (my anthem): My Life Drives Me to drink, are just scratching the surface.  Lachlan has been around for a while now, with and without notoriety, but to me he is finished with the slow burn and he is about to burst into flames. He is gaining recognition in the U.S.A and his Americana music or Alternative Country, is powering on. He is well respected by his peers and legends of Australian Country Music. Lachlan Bryan is a storyteller. He makes you listen to his songs because you want to know how the story ends. Does the good guy win, who dies? He could very well be a script writer or a mystery writer. I would suggest that you stay on his good side. I would buy all of his music, go to all of his concerts and bow whenever you see him, otherwise, you could end up as a victim in one of his songs. Lachlan, actually, is one of the nicest guys that I have met. He has a big heart and he is always charming to his fans. He has an edge about him when he is on stage, which goes with his songs, part of the act, perhaps. When he sits down at his piano, the smallest venues come alive. I have been lucky enough to see and hear Lachlan perform quite a few times now, with big and small crowds. He never disappoints. I think that he will go a long way. The Sydney Morning Herald once described Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes’ music as: “Warm, real country with a kick”, I think that is a great summation.   Lachlanatmarrickville

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