Totally Biased Fan Review: Girls of Country: Amber Lawrence, Aleyce Simmonds and Christie Lamb


What happens when three of the most talented girls in country get together? Well, for one, you pack out South Sydney Juniors, then you have a bit of fun and experience three talented and lovely artists alone and together.

It was Amber’s home gig, so she drew her local crowd, but there was just as much appreciation for the two blondes. With the added touches of the choir from Amber’s old school and a fun mosh pit, it was a night to remember.

Alone, these girls are hardworking talented and shining stars in their own right. When you put the three of them together, it is magic. A cool surprise was when they sang the old classic which is featured in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and Beaches (amongst other films) – The Glory of Love.  It probably summed up the evening: You’ve got to live a little, laugh a little….

The girls sure can harmonise, but they can also make you laugh (sometimes without trying) and they can entertain. Christie came on first (and I will forgive her for not singing my fave song of hers), and she warmed up the crowd. She sang several of her hits and Aleyce joined her on stage to sing her song “Wish you were a cowboy” which is my second fave Christie song!

Aleyce was on next with her string of hits. She sang her songs like Bondwood Boat, Believe and My Life Drives Me to Drink with Amber and Christie and they hammed that up. She also sang the beautiful song about her brother, Joshua.

Amber came on after a short break Apart from joining the girls on other songs throughout the evening, the school choir jumped on stage to sing I will love you, Amber’s current hit.

Amber sang our favourites, including hits off her latest album and songs like Kiss you goodnight and Women like me, don’t like girls like you.

Together and alone and with a pretty hot band, the girls were wonderful. It was a bright, lively evening with some poignant moments and great company.

Thank you gals for all that you do.



Thanks Neil for the pics, my pics did not turn out so hot!

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