Totally Biased Fan Review: Dare to Dream – Emma Jene


Every once in a while, I question my ears.  On the weekend at Hats Off to Country at Tamworth, I questioned them severely. I looked at this young, sweet face smiling out at the crowd at the Post Office Hotel, and I heard this voice that really should have come from someone who had years of experience and training.

This young lady will be a megastar, unless she chooses not to be somewhere along the way or loses her voice in some cruel accident. It is not just the voice, though, it is the whole package. She is bright, bubbly, sincere and she is willing to learn. She is with good people. People who know country music and how to produce it. With Mr Butler and Shaza Leigh guiding her, she is in wonderful hands.

On this album, she co-wrote a song with Shaza. Shaza wrote most of the songs. There are a few classics there, including my favourite Fleetwood Mac song, Songbird and one of the world’s most recorded favourites, Crazy, from the pen of Willie Nelson and of course, a massive Patsy Cline hit.

A friend of my commented on my Facebook page that after she immediately looked her up on the Internet: “She knows how to sing country music like few young people do” or words to that effect.

The songs:

Long Way to Go ( The Bully Song) : Beautiful song, most young people will relate to this and us oldies can reflect back on that time. Great co-write with Shaza.

Songbird: My favourite Fleetwood Mac song and beautifully delivered by Emma Jene. This classic pop song is given the country treatment, and it is just lovely.

One Step Away: Shaza Leigh’s writing is tops on this album and this song is no exception. This song is a gentle, catchy song, almost folktry, as a dear friend of mine would say. In many ways, Emma Jene’s voice is original, and in other ways, it is vaguely familiar. I am trying to pinpoint the singer that she sings vaguely like. In the meantime, just enjoy.

I’ll Get Even With you: Ironically, this song is written by LeAnn Rimes and there are similarities, but frankly, I think Emma Jene is better. Pure Country.

Do You Remember: Another Shaza Leigh song. A bit more up tempo than the other songs, a toe tapping, shoulder shifting song. A little bluesy.

An  Angel’s Promise: Co-written by Shaza and Cil Van Der Velden – A beautiful song, Emma Jene sings like Melissa Robertson on this one. Mel, I would love you two to do a duet on this one or something like it…a lovely, lilting melody. Probably my favourite on the album.

Higher than the clouds: Another song by Shaza and Cil – Perfectly suited to Emma Jene’s voice. A lovely song, very country, very cool.

Crazy: The Willie Nelson penned, Patsy Cline mega hit, sung in the same vein, with the same soul.

Fly: written by Shaza and a duet with her. This is probably the best that I have heard Shaza sing. Beautiful song and lovely combination. Awesome.

I’m not sorry: Written by Shaza and a good old country song. A lovely delivery and nice up tempo feel with fiddles and all.

This is a wonderful debut album. I hope that America doesn’t change her natural, personal appeal. I think having seen her on the weekend, that she has grown since the recording of this album. If she has done this in such a short space in time then God knows what she can do in the long run.

Go Emma Jene.



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