Totally Biased Fan Review: Angels and Alcohol – Alan Jackson


I have been too busy listening to this album this weekend to write about it. That probably says more than 500 words anyway. Alan Jackson doesn’t know how to produce a bad album. He wears his Stetson the right way around. A generation of real country music cowboys have followed in his big footsteps, or they have at least tried to. A handful of others from his ilk: George Strait, Randy Travis, Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Clint Black and Garth Brooks are probably the others who have that respect from his era. They followed Willie, Merle, Johnny, Kris, Waylon and George Jones. They probably followed Hank Williams. A group of fellas: Tim McGraw, Doug Bruce, Brad Paisley, Roo Arcus, Buck Ford, Dan Murphy, Lachlan Bryan and sometimes Toby Keith probably follow on now.

Alan Jackson albums are treasures. The lanky American hasn’t forgotten the roots of country music, yet he keeps in contact with the present generation by releasing music that we can all relate to. Who can forget his song about 9/11?

Every second person that I have spoken to has told me how much they have looked forward to this album being released. Alan Jackson albums demand that love. They are quality productions with beautifully written songs and a man singing them who puts his heart and soul into every note.


You Can Always Come Home: With growing girls, this is an appropriate song for Alan. Beautiful song and the sentiment is encouraging.

You Never Know: A bit of that old Texas Swing, a touch of Elvis, honky tonk piano and a dance floor….let it rip.

Angels and Alcohol: When I saw that this was the title of the album, I expected it to be an up tempo number. I had another meaning for it. What we have here is possibly the best Alan Jackson song for a long time. Reminds me of a Don Williams’ song. Great lyrics and a truly beautiful song. Atta boy.

Gone Before You Met Me: Drifter song, catchy, easy country beat with a twist. Any song that mentions Jack Kerouac is ok by me!

The One You’re Waiting on: A girl waiting for a guy to turn up and he doesn’t, though by the words of this song, she won’t be waiting long for another one to show. Lovely.

Jim and Jack and Hank: The title of this song lifted my spirits. The tune deflated me somewhat, as it sounds a bit too close to Achy Breaky Heart for my liking, but the words are great. The spirit of the song saves it!

I leave a light on: Country at its best. Alan at his best. Awesome song. This was my shower song yesterday!

Flaws: A fun song, but Alan, you haven’t got many! Flaws, that is. Catchy and twangy.

When God Paints: I am a ballad girl, so I was always going to like this. Clever lyrics and great imagery.

Mexico, Tequila and Me: A chapter of my 1995 travel diary was titled this for good reason. I’d like to go back some day. It is quite a combination and a good way to end an album.

Alan Jackson will be remembered in country music folklore for all of the right reasons. He is a legend.


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