Southern Stars Awards Finalists 2015

1. APRA/AMCOS Australian Independent Country Music Single of the Year.

Sometimes When You Lose You Win    Allan Caswell
Gotta Take A Minute                                Dana Hassall
Joshua                                                      Aleyce Simmonds
Girl In A Million                                        8 Ball Aitken

2. Australian Independent Album of the Year.

The New Normal                                      8 Ball Aitken
Somewhere Better To Be                       Doug Bruce
Cowboys & Sunsets                               Roo Arcus
Sometimes When You Lose You Win   Allan Caswell

3. Australian Independent Heritage Track of the Year.

The Gallery                                              The Bobkatz
Lorraine                                                    Dean Perrett
When We Were Young And Stupid        Allan Caswell
Australia’s Colonial Sons                       Graham Rodger

4. CRS Australian Independent Rising Star Male.

Brendan Smoother                                  Stretcher Bearer
Glen Moffatt                                             Superman Lunch Box
Justin Standley                                        Return Of The Stockman
Steve Cheers                                            Roger That

5. CRS Australian Independent Rising Star Female.

Dana Hassall                                             Gotta Take A Minute
Michelle Plozza                                         Colour Me Happy
Courtney Conway                                     Burning Your Memory Down
Becci Nethery                                            I Wrote This One For You

6. Capital News Australian Independent Male Vocalist of the Year.

Doug Bruce                                               Broke Down Heart
8 Ball Aitken                                              Girl In A Million
Allan Caswell                                            Sometimes When You Lose You Win
Michael Bryers                                          Sideshow

7. Capital News Australian Independent Female Vocalist of the Year.

Aleyce Simmonds                                     Joshua
Tori Darke                                                   I Belong To You
Clelia Adams                                              Play The Song
Seleen McAlister                                        She’s Getting Stronger

8. Australian Independent Group/Duo of the Year.

The Col Finley Band                                  She Country
The Bobkatz                                               The Gallery
Carter & Carter                                           What A Wonderful World
The Sherrahs                                              Shadows

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