Totally Biased Fan Review: Ben Ransom, Aly Cook, NeillyRich, Emma Jene and Buzz Bidstrup at The Basement


This was a great evening. The crowd wasn’t big on a cold Wednesday night in the city, but it was enthusiastic. We were treated to some wonderful talent. Young Emma Jene (see album review and Hats Off, Tamworth summary), started the proceedings. It is hard to believe how young she is, she is maturing every minute as an artist and as a person. She is a raw talent who will do well with guidance and experience. She has a lovely voice and carries herself so well.

NeillyRich, recipients of a top NZ award last week, are always entertaining. Both Matt and Amelia have the charm and the talent to go places with. They sang songs off their hit EP, some classics and a hint of their new album…hope that comes out soon. I am a big supporter of this young couple, I have very big hopes for them.

Aly Cook came on next, with guest Buzz Bidstrup, best known to us as an original in The Angels and other great Aussie bands. Apart from Aly’s hits off her new album, the duo sang No Secrets in acoustic style, a co-write from Buzz’s Angels’ days which brought back memories from my teenage years. It was a very emotional moment, thinking of Doc and all.

Aly’s new album is a beaut (see review), a must for every Australasian collection. I couldn’t believe her performance, considering that she virtually just got off a plane from Europe.

Ben Ransom was his usual energetic self, getting people up to dance with his faster tracks and keeping us old girls happy with some of his slower ones. Last year, Ben recorded his LIVE album there, which is also a beaut. (see review).

It was a terrific night, full of laughs, great music, wonderful company and a side of the country music industry that you don’t get to see very often. The Basement is my favourite venue in Sydney, apart from bigger gigs at the State Theatre. Thanks to all the staff there for your excellent service.

Check out all of these acts, they are all wonderful.

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