Totally Biased Fan Review: Other Side of Town – Ashleigh Dallas



Ashleigh Dallas is carrying on a family tradition. The Dallas family are country music royalty in Australia. My Dad has her grandfather Rex’s records (yes, I said records) and her Dad, Brett and other family members have contributed immensely to country music, particularly in Tamworth. To be part of an illustrious family has a double edged sword to it. There must be an amazing pressure to perform, to be as good as or better than the others before you. People kind of expect it….fairly or unfairly. Flying the flag, as it were, comes with good things too….it is in the blood, so naturally, you want to sing, write, play… Golden Guitars! Ashleigh is still very young, yet she has already won herself a Golden Guitar to add to Rex’s collection and she is so multi skilled and professional that the foot in the door that her family gave her has led to other doors and gates aplenty.

This has been a much awaited album. It is a family affair, again, with many co-writes with Dad, Brett and the family on board in the band department. Ashleigh not only carries on the family tradition, she also blesses us with a country album true to its roots. Young and vibrant entertainers like Ashleigh show her contemporaries that it is cool to be country.


Drive: Easy to imagine Ashleigh driving a long a country road singing this. A good song for a long trip down a dirt road. A toe tapper.

Draggin’ My Heart: You have to have at least one of these songs on a country album! Catchy little ditty and it literally pulls on the heart strings!

I’ve Got You: Simple song, Ashleigh singing at her best, very hummable.

If I Fall: You could look at this song a couple of ways….either a “stick together, no matter what” song or “if I lose you lose” song. Either way, it is a beauty.

Hearts are on fire: A love song with a rollicking country tune. Quite possibly a potential singing in the shower song!

Fear the dark: Ashleigh does some amazing vocal aerobics in this one. How other things fall apart when a big thing falls apart…..seeing no way out of a tunnel.

I’m Still Here: Probably the most beautiful song on the album….a tear jerker and so country that you can smell the grass.

Beautiful Day: I may be wrong on this one, but I think that this was written about Ashleigh’s little niece. I am a proud aunty too, I know how it feels. A happy song.

Done and dusted: Catchy country song with a toe tapping beat and familiar country song message. Sprung!

Carnival Ride: A bit of a rollercoaster, I think. Brilliant musicianship and arrangement on this….every instrument is perfectly balanced with the others. Awesome just listening to the introduction and play of the musical accompaniment . Lilting voice of Ashleigh and the subtle and not so subtle lyrics are just the icing on the top.


Anyone Like You: Anne Kirkpatrick seems to be having an influence on a lot of women in country lately, and it is very clear in this song, intentionally or unintentionally….a gently rocking country song.

Fiji Time: Ashleigh has spent a bit of time in Fiji, and they do have their own clocks! A nice and easy track just to chill out to and dream that you are having one of those drinks with an umbrella in it and looking out at a sun touched ocean.

Walk on By: Not the old Bacharach song but similar sentiment. Nice, gentle twanging guitars and an easy beat. Appropriate song to end an album with.

If you want an album full with fiddles, banjos, guitars, a ukulele, and some great rhythm plus the extraordinary full on country vocals by one of Australia’s brightest talents, Ashleigh Dallas, then this is the album for you.

Warning, Ashleigh, you may have some competition on the charts! Grandfather, Rex has just released a new album! Keep flying the flag for Tamworth and the Dallas family!




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