Totally Biased Fan Review: Travis List and Roo Arcus, ICAN Cruise, Sydney Harbour, Sunday 23rd August, 2015



Travis List and Roo Arcus are great examples in this country of being the last, sadly, of a dying breed. Amongst the new trends of making country sound like a cross between bubble gum pop and rap music, these two fellas are cowboys. One has a white hat, the other one has a black hat.

We were given a musical treat on board the Rhythm Boat with a band made up of some of the best in Australian Country Music.

The ICAN cruises are 4 hours approximately, on the beautiful Sydney Harbour with good food and good company, but it is mainly about the music. People dance when they don’t normally dance, they mix with some of our brightest stars and have a few laughs.

Travis lives mainly in America these days, with another one of Australia’s finest, Kristy Cox and their daughter, Adelaide. Travis and Roo have that Alan Jackson, George Strait, kind of feel to their music, with a twist of their own styles. They pair up well together, and have been touring the country as a double act this year.

They sang songs off their recent albums, as well as some old favourites and earlier releases. With Travis and Roo, you get your honky tonk, your slow dance, your Texas Swing and your toes tapping. You get your singalong, your sway back and forth and your memories rekindled.

You get your love songs, your somebody done somebody wrong songs, your bar room conversations and your last round of beer.

Every original country music thought is there in the palms of their hands. Two personable cowboys, great entertainers and blokes who will give you a good ol’ boy gig.

There were a few stories and a few laughs but mainly it was about the music….music that has to be kept alive….two boys keeping it country.



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