Totally biased fan review: Tyson Colman – From Now On

tyson colman image

My dear friend and very talented muso, Susan Lily, recommended Tyson Colman to me and Tyson very generously sent me this album. This is not necessary, folks, I want to help you guys, so I am happy to buy your music. I am not like a lot of people out there who expect things for free. It kind of dismisses what I am trying to do for you. Having said that, thank you Tyson.

I love hearing new music, though from what I am reading, Tyson has been around the scene for a while, he just hasn’t got the exposure that he deserves…so here is where I step in!

Shines like Gold – a nice upbeat song to start off with. I always think that it is the way to start an album. Lots of fiddles and twang.


A Certain Touch – Mellow touch here….I think that he sounds like a James Blundell here, and that is all good. An easy listening, hummable song.


From Now On – Title track, a bit more upbeat, clappable song, toe tapping and easy to sing along to.


Please Come Home – Probably my favourite song on the album. People who know my tastes won’t be surprised. A cool country ballad and definitely the James Blundell influence. A future shower song for sure. I will be requesting this one at Tamworth for sure.

A change is coming – A bit of bluegrass here, the Davidson Brothers and Mustered Courage would be proud of this one. Very air fiddle and toe tapping.

Long Gone – Tyson can get into the guttural vocals, and he does this in the almost power ballad. Toes are tapping and I am humming. Great guitar on this one.

You know you wanna – Uptempo, dance floor groove. Tyson mixes it up with this one. Catchy and shoulder shifting.

Cry like a baby – This is probably my second favourite. It is almost Celtic Country. Tyson’s voice can vary so much. I love this song.

You’re the Reason – another favourite. I am a ballad girl, and I do not apologise for this. However, even his ballads vary. Single material. Brilliant song. Old school country folk will adore this.

Gonna Get me a cowgirl: Upbeat song, Keith Urban beat.


But I love him: Sad song. All true story in today’s society. Thank you Tyson for singing a song about this tragic occurrence in today’s society.

Just Can’t do it: Tyson has a different sound. Sometimes like James Blundell, sometimes so original that I can’t pick up on it. I love the fiddle on this song. Awesome song to finish the album.


I love hearing about different artists. It makes my day. Well done, Tyson, I hope that your success continues and I hope that I catch up with you in Tamworth.



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