Totally Biased Fan’s Review: Mustered Courage – White Lies and Melodies


At the Tamworth Country Music Festival in 2014, these guys shook the foundations of the long lived annual get together. They were the talk of the town. They appeared at the Golden Guitar Awards to add icing to a big cake that they had baked at Australia’s premier country music showdown. There were rave reviews for their album and their performances.

Australian Country Music fans waited eagerly for the Bluegrass with a modern twist band’s next album. It has finally arrived. White Lies and Melodies will not disappoint. I would go so far to say that it is better than their previous album. Powerlines was awesome, but this album steps things up another notch.

It is great to hear bluegrass, harmonies and tradition alive and well in a great package.

This Melbourne based band carry on this new and not so new wave of outstanding country artists from the Southern Cap of Australia. Victorians and South Australians are dominating the country music charts at the moment.

They mix up the instruments too, not being afraid to add a few more strings and drum rolls where needed. At times, their harmonies are reminiscent of The Eagles. Not surprisingly, they have proven to be popular in America, with that California sound mixed with the Deep South.

It doesn’t sound like a stereotypical Country Music/Bluegrass album, as it mixes things up a bit, but then again, it does have that traditional appeal as well. They have moved on from the excellent Powerlines, changing the style a bit and experimenting a bit more.

An added bonus is Audra Mae, as well as the drums component. It is like two different bands from the last album to this one. Everytime that I play it, I discover a new element of the band’s evolving sound.

It is great to see that the band is not afraid to experiment, to try a different road. It is a very polished album with some great songs and the promise of a bright future overseas and in their hometown.


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