Totally Biased Fan Review: Chris Lee – Get Your Country On


Chris Lee is another cowboy from America who has made a home for himself in Australia. He loves this country and he has embraced our way of life. His last album, Crank It Up, is a hard act to follow. I think that it is fair to say that he has cranked the tempo up a notch on this album. It seems to be following more of a country rock road than the more traditional stylings of the last one. However, having said that, there are some tracks which hold the traditions dear. He does give mention to a few well known country music icons and he even has a bit of a go at some country music clichés.

Get Your Country On: Country takes on many forms these days, 79 officially. I guess this is an invitation to those who may not normally listen to country music.

I’ve Still Got My Truck – probably the most “country” song on the album, with its tongue in cheek throwbacks to that old country joke…if you reverse a country record, you get the wife back, the dog back and the truck back. Cool song.

Good Hands: Sort of a Brooks and Dunnish kind of song. A steady country rock beat, cool guitar riffs and a nice sentiment.

Kowboy Kryptonite: never too keen on spelling Cowboy with a K, but I get the alliteration. Cowboys are always like Supermen to me. Some of the phraseology in this song is quite clever. Interesting comparisons.

A Good Life: A little bit of Alan Jackson/George Strait feel in this song, which is always a good thing. I think that this will be a crowd favourite.

The Country Road: All about dreams and following them, no matter where you go….even to the other side of the world.

Best Bad Habit: Sometimes you can figure a song out by the title, and that was the case with this one. A bluesy, up tempo number.

Good Jeans: Country rock number – explaining the benefits of wearing denim the right way….or the wrong way…

She Must be crying on the inside: I like this one. You can look at this song a couple of ways. Make up your own mind whose side you are on.

This is Australia: Chris’s tribute to his adopted country. It is very anthemic, more so than our official anthem. Shows how much he appreciates our country.

This Is Australia (Remix)- ditto.

I am a big fan of Chris’s last album, so it was always going to be hard to top it. I am not sure that he tops it, but he definitely equals it with this one and he does not shy away from a challenge. I know that Chris has worked long and hard on this one and it has been a massive effort. Safe to say that the effort has been worth it. Enjoy.


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